Shipping & Delivery

Welcome to the wacky world of Dolly Duds, where socks are our canvas for fun! Hold onto your laughter, because our sock-shipping shenanigans are about to tickle your fancy. Get ready to giggle through our shipping and delivery antics!


Order Processing Time:

We're faster than a squirrel on a caffeine bender! Your sock-tastic orders are processed within 1-3 business days. We'll even send you an email high-five once your socks are on their way!


Shipping Options:

At Dolly Duds, we offer more shipping options than there are ways to wear mismatched socks! When you check out, choose the delivery style that tickles your sock-loving heart.


Delivery Time:

The delivery time? Well, that's our secret sauce! It depends on where you're sock-ing around in Egypt and the shipping method you pick but mostly it's about 3-7 days. Just remember, socks might take a detour on their way to you because customs delays and holidays happen in sock-land too.


Tracking Your Socks:

We believe in transparency, even when it comes to sock espionage. Once your order hits the road, you'll get an email with top-secret tracking info. Or, if you're feeling like a sock spy, log into your Dolly Duds account on to embark on a sock-stalking adventure!


International Shipping:

Dolly Duds is on a global sock-trotting mission! But beware, fellow adventurers: customs and import duties may pop up like surprise confetti depending on your country's rules. These sock-party poopers are your responsibility and aren't hiding in the shipping cost.


Cancellations and Order Changes:

Life's full of sock-tastic surprises, and sometimes you need to switch up your sock game. If you want to cancel or jazz up your order, shout out to us at We'll do our best to keep up with your sock-changing dance, but once the sock show begins, changes are as tricky as doing the hokey-pokey in flippers.


Got more sock-riddling questions or just want to share your favorite sock pun? Slide into our inbox at Our sock-star customer service team is here to keep the laughter rolling and your sock drawer brimming with hilariously comfy Dolly Duds. Happy socking! 🧦😂